A Journey of Color and Precision!

Embrace the rhythm and test your reflexes in Transport, a captivating HTML5 game where you guide a block through color-shifting circles, aiming for perfect timing and strategic jumps.

Navigate the chromatic odyssey:

  • Master the color code: Jump precisely onto blue circles, collecting stars and racking up points for each successful hop.
  • Beware the wrong hues: Avoid red circles, for even a single miss spells instant game over.
  • Timing is key: Judge the movement and speed of each circle carefully, ensuring a smooth and accurate jump onto the blue zone.
  • Patience is a virtue: Wait for the right moment, especially when faced with faster-moving circles, to guarantee a flawless landing.
  • Challenge yourself: Progress through increasingly intricate patterns and speeds, demanding laser focus and precise timing.


Become a color-hopping maestro with these expert tips:

  • Develop a rhythm: Internally tap or hum a beat to create a consistent tempo for your jumps, ensuring accuracy even at higher speeds.
  • Anticipate the shift: Watch the color change of the approaching circle, preparing your jump well before it reaches its blue phase.
  • Don't rush: Resist the urge to jump prematurely; waiting a split second for the perfect blue window can mean the difference between success and failure.
  • Focus on the center: Aim for the center of the blue section for maximum points and a smoother landing, avoiding the edges that might throw you off balance.
  • Practice makes perfect: Each attempt refines your timing and anticipation skills, gradually turning you into a color-jumping savant.


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