Fruit Break

Fruit Blitz: Slicing Frenzy for Fruity Fun!

Get ready to unleash your inner fruit ninja in Fruit Blitz, a fast-paced and juicy game where you slice and dice colorful fruits for a points bonanza!

Sharpen your blade and slice away:

  • Swipe or drag with precision: Utilize your mouse, touch screen, or finger to carve through delicious fruits, racking up points with each juicy slice.
  • Time is of the essence: Race against the clock in a 60-second frenzy, maximizing your slicing efficiency for a high score.
  • Combo king!: Slice multiple fruits in succession for bonus points, amplifying your fruity feast and leaderboard dominance.
  • Beware the imposters!: Watch out for sneaky bombs disguised as fruit. Slicing one deducts points, so stay vigilant!


Become a slicing master with these fruity tips:

  • Master the multi-slice: Hold and drag across the screen or mousepad to create sweeping cuts, slicing multiple fruits simultaneously.
  • Let them rise: Wait for fruits to bounce slightly before slicing, ensuring they're not pesky bombs in disguise.
  • Prioritize big bunches: Target clusters of fruits for efficient point maximization, racking up points in fewer slices.
  • Practice makes perfect: Each attempt hones your reflexes and strategic thinking, allowing you to anticipate fruit patterns and optimize your slicing path.


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