Mini Golf World

Hole In One Fun: Master the Mini Golf Links in Mini Golf World!

Embark on a whimsical mini golf adventure in Mini Golf World, a charming game where creative courses and strategic putts collide! Conquer 18 unique holes, each brimming with personality and playful challenges.

Tee up for a puttastic time:

  • Master the terrain: Analyze each hole's layout, strategizing shot power and angle to navigate slopes, ramps, and quirky obstacles.
  • Bank on success: Master the art of bank shots, caroming your ball off walls and objects to reach seemingly impossible holes.
  • Perfect your putting: Hone your putting skills, developing a consistent touch and precise aiming for hole-in-one glory.
  • Challenge yourself: Progress through increasingly intricate courses, each pushing your mini golf prowess to the limit.


Become a mini golf legend with these ace tips:

  • Strategize for the stars: Before swinging, consider the ideal trajectory to land within birdie range and secure those coveted three stars.
  • Obstacles are opportunities: Don't fear the wacky objects! Use them to your advantage, bouncing your ball around tight corners or up ramps for trick shots.
  • Practice makes perfect: Don't be discouraged by a missed putt. Replay challenging holes to refine your technique and conquer them next time.
  • Master the meter: Develop a feel for the power meter, understanding how different strengths affect your ball's distance and trajectory.


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