Glitch Buster

Battle Bugs and Conquer Code in this Action-Packed Adventure!

Become a coding hero in Glitch Buster, an exciting platformer where you battle bugs, fix glitches, and unlock new levels in a vibrant digital world!

Dive into the code:

  • Thrilling action: Navigate levels, outsmart mischievous glitches, and battle pesky monsters that threaten to corrupt the system.
  • Puzzle-solving fun: Identify and fix hidden glitches to progress, utilizing quick thinking and strategic exploration.
  • Level up your skills: Unlock new stages with escalating challenges, demanding sharper reflexes and cunning tactics.
  • Become a glitch-busting master: Collect breakpoints to unleash powerful explosions, clearing obstacles and vanquishing enemies.


Conquer every glitch with these Pro Tips:

  • Head down for hidden dangers: Pay attention, as glitches often lurk towards the bottom of levels.
  • Explode those bugs: Strategically gather and utilize breakpoints to create devastating blasts against enemies and blocks.
  • Beware the spikes: Watch out for spiky hazards that drain your health, stay nimble and avoid their touch.
  • Replenish your health: Seek out scattered hearts to restore your life force and continue the fight.
  • Master the double jump: Utilize this special ability to reach higher platforms and hidden areas.
  • Squash the bugs: Don't hesitate to jump on enemy heads – it's the most effective way to eliminate them!


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