Flappy Bird

Flap Your Way to Freedom in Flappy Bird: A Classic Reborn!

Remember the iconic bird who took the world by storm? Flappy Bird is back, ready to challenge your reflexes and test your patience in this deceptively simple yet highly addictive game!

Fly the friendly skies:

  • Navigate the pipe maze: Guide the adorable bird through gaps between ever-approaching green pipes, carefully avoiding any contact.
  • Tap to ascend: Each tap propels the bird upwards, requiring precise timing and controlled bursts to maintain altitude.
  • Score for survival: Every successfully passed pipe adds a point to your tally, motivating you to fly further and break your personal record.
  • Calmness under pressure: Stay focused and maintain a steady rhythm with your taps, avoiding the frantic rush that can lead to collisions.


Become a flapping master with these helpful tips:

  • Tap gently, tap consistently: Avoid erratic tapping, opting for controlled and measured touches to manage the bird's flight path.
  • Practice makes perfect: Each attempt hones your reflexes and allows you to anticipate the pipe patterns, leading to improved performance.
  • Patience is key: Don't be tempted to rush! Precise timing is crucial, so take your time and focus on smooth, controlled movements.
  • Memorize the rhythm: Observe the spacing and speed of the pipes, developing a mental map to anticipate upcoming obstacles.


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