Make 7

Your Brain-Teasing Puzzle Challenge!

Get ready to unleash your inner puzzle master with Make 7, the addictively fun HTML5 game that'll test your logic and strategic thinking.

Why you'll love it:

  • Simple yet mind-bending: Easy to learn, but endlessly challenging. Master the art of merging numbered tiles to reach the ultimate goal: 7!
  • Visually stunning: Immerse yourself in a vibrant honeycomb grid, where colorful hexagons come alive with every move.
  • Relaxing and rewarding: Unwind with calming visuals and satisfying tile transformations. Every connection brings you closer to victory.
  • Challenge yourself: Climb the leaderboards and compete with friends to see who can rack up the highest scores.

"Make 7" promises hours of fun as you test your ability to plan ahead and make quick decisions. Perfect for gamers of all ages looking for a mental workout.


Dominate the Grid with Pro Tips:

  • Planning is key: Strategize your moves ahead and anticipate chain reactions for explosive combos.
  • Balance is everything: Distribute numbers evenly to avoid gridlock and ensure smooth gameplay.
  • Think multi-step: Master the art of combining multiple 7s in one move for massive score boosts.
  • Emptiness is an opportunity: Fill vacant spaces with numbers that unlock strategic connections and keep the game flowing.


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