Timber Man

Axe Your Way to High Scores!

Become a lumberjack legend in Timberman, an addictive arcade game where you chop down an endless tree, dodge treacherous branches, and climb the scoreboards!

Wield your axe wisely:

  • Chop, chop, chop!: Tap the screen rapidly to hack away at the falling tree, racking up points with each successful swing.
  • Branch avoidance is key: Keep your eyes peeled and react quickly to dodge those pesky branches, a single hit spells game over.
  • Master the switch: Utilize the arrows to switch sides strategically, anticipating branch patterns and creating clear chopping paths.
  • Adapt your tempo: Don't get stuck in a chopping rut! Adjust your tapping speed depending on the branch patterns, maximizing your efficiency.


Conquer the forest with these pro tips:

  • Anticipate, don't react: Watch the branch pattern ahead and switch sides early for smooth transitions and uninterrupted chopping.
  • Develop a rhythm: Find a tapping speed that works for you, balancing speed with accuracy to avoid missing your mark.
  • Don't get greedy: While fast chopping is good, prioritize avoiding branches over trying to get every last hit.
  • Practice makes perfect: Each attempt hones your reflexes and timing, helping you anticipate branching patterns and react instinctively.


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