Square Ninja

Master the Leap, Conquer the Heights!

Embark on a thrilling aerial adventure in Square Ninja, a captivating online game where you propel a brave ninja across vast distances, utilizing strategic jumps and power-ups!

Ascend to new heights:

  • Precision launches: Time your clicks or taps perfectly to initiate the ninja's jump, holding longer for greater altitude.
  • Masterful navigation: Soar through vibrant landscapes, skillfully dodging obstacles and collecting valuable power-ups.
  • Power-up your flight: Utilize boosters, extra lives, and other enhancements to extend your journey and reach further.


Conquer the skies with these pro tips:

  • Don't rush: Remember, slow and steady wins the race! Precise timing is key, not frantic tapping.
  • Hold for height: Maintain your mouse click or tap to propel your ninja to impressive heights.
  • Quick taps for agility: Use short taps to nimbly maneuver around obstacles and other ninjas.
  • Power-up awareness: Collect and utilize power-ups strategically, maximizing their benefits for extended flight and higher scores.


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