Pink Running Pig

Escape the Butcher's Chops!

Run for your bacon in Pink Running Pig, a hilarious and action-packed mobile game where you help a plucky pig outrun a hungry butcher!

Take the wheek:

  • Dash through vibrant landscapes: Dodge traps, jump over obstacles, and use slopes to zoom ahead, escaping the butcher's relentless pursuit.
  • Coin collector: Grab all the shiny coins scattered along the way, saving them for your casino adventure later.
  • Jump pads to the rescue: Bounce on handy jump pads for an extra boost, putting more distance between you and the cleaver.
  • Casino fun: Use your hard-earned coins to play exciting casino games, adding a fun twist to your piggy adventures.


Master the escape with these pro tips:

  • Keep an eye on the butcher: Watch his movements and anticipate his attacks, perfecting your jump timing for close calls.
  • Traps ahead!: Spot and avoid hidden traps like spikes and nets, staying a step ahead of the butcher's tricks.
  • Jump master: Practice your jumping skills, mastering precise timing to clear obstacles and utilize jump pads effectively.
  • Casino strategy: Choose your casino games wisely, maximizing your coin rewards for more fun and upgrades.


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