Unleash Your Ballistic Fury and Top the Leaderboards!

Step into the arena of Monster Ball, a frantic arcade game where you unleash a barrage of bouncing balls to fend off an onslaught of monstrous hordes! Test your reflexes, strategize your throws, and rack up points in this thrilling battle for survival!

Become a monster-bashing champion:

  • Hurl the wrath of the spheres: Click strategically to launch bouncing balls, aiming for maximum impact against approaching monsters.
  • Score spectacular victories: Earn points for every monster you vanquish, with bonus rewards for complete eliminations.
  • Time is your enemy: Race against the clock, strategically managing your throws to maximize points before the final chime.
  • Master the bounce: Angles are key! Carefully aim your clicks to leverage rebounds and ricochets for devastating multi-monster hits.
  • Challenge your limits: As you progress, the monster onslaught intensifies, demanding sharper reflexes and even more cunning tactics.
  • Ascend the ranks: Compete against players globally, striving to top the leaderboards and establish your monster-ball mastery.


Become a monster-battling legend with these insider secrets:

  • Time your throws meticulously: Anticipate monster movements and unleash balls at the peak of their bounce for maximum impact.
  • Prioritize vulnerable targets: Identify and eliminate stronger monsters first, minimizing their threat and opening up the battlefield.
  • Embrace the ricochet: Utilize walls and obstacles to strategically bounce your balls, hitting multiple monsters with a single throw.
  • Hold for rapid fire: Hold down the click button to unleash a continuous stream of balls, perfect for overwhelming large groups.
  • Manage your ammo wisely: Remember, time is limited, so utilize your throws strategically and avoid reckless volleys.
  • Learn from your mistakes: Each attempt hones your skills, teaching you monster patterns and optimal throwing angles.


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