Metropolitan Traffic

Master the Chaos, Conquer the Rush!

Take the wheel of urban mobility in Metropolitan Traffic, a fast-paced puzzle game where you control the flow of traffic and keep the city moving!

Navigate the urban jungle:

  • Be the traffic conductor: Strategically tap squares to stop and go, directing cars, buses, and trucks through bustling intersections.
  • Time is of the essence: React quickly and efficiently to prevent gridlock and frustrated drivers, keeping traffic anger levels in check.
  • Precise control is key: Master the art of simultaneous taps to manage multiple lanes and avoid chaotic collisions.
  • Challenge yourself: Progress through diverse city districts, each presenting unique traffic patterns and increasing difficulty.
  • Sharpen your skills: Start with beginner areas to master the basics, then test your reflexes in increasingly complex intersections.


Become a Traffic Maestro with these Pro Tips:

  • Think ahead: Anticipate traffic flow and preemptively switch lights to avoid congestion and angry drivers.
  • Multitasking magic: Train your hand-eye coordination to manage multiple lanes simultaneously, ensuring smooth traffic flow.
  • Keep it green: Prioritize keeping lights green for longer stretches to minimize stop-and-go situations and frustration.
  • Master the rush: During peak hours, act swiftly and decisively to control the surge of vehicles without causing gridlock.
  • Practice makes perfect: Each attempt hones your skills, teaching you to anticipate traffic behavior and react strategically.


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