Test Your Reflexes, Master the Rainbow!

Dive into ColorTease, a fast-paced and visually stunning game that challenges your reflexes and color matching skills!

Shift and match, the balls descend:

  • Two-tone challenge: Keep your eyes peeled as colored balls fall from above, each destined for a matching circle below.
  • Touch to transform: Tap the left or right circle to switch its color, aiming for a perfect match with the descending ball.
  • Speed is key: React quickly! As you progress, the ball drops accelerate, demanding ever-sharper reflexes and focus.
  • Score for accuracy: Each successful match boosts your score, rewarding your color coordination and swift reactions.


Unlock your inner color maestro with these tips:

  • Anticipate the drop: Watch the color sequence of falling balls and pre-emptively shift circles for smooth transitions.
  • Don't panic, stay calm: Maintain focus even when the pace quickens, relying on steady taps and deliberate color matching.
  • Think ahead: Plan your color switches two or three steps ahead, ensuring seamless transitions and avoiding last-minute scrambles.
  • Practice makes perfect: Each attempt sharpens your reflexes and color recognition, ultimately leading to higher scores and mastery.


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