Beautiful World

Beautiful World: Unravel the Secrets, Conquer the Journey!

Embark on a captivating adventure in Beautiful World, a platformer game where you navigate vibrant levels, collect keys, and unlock hidden secrets!

Traverse enchanting landscapes:

  • Masterful movement: Utilize touch or keyboard controls to guide your character through diverse environments, jumping, climbing, and exploring hidden paths.
  • Key to escape: Seek out three shimmering keys in each level, unlocking portals to new adventures and unraveling the enigmatic world.
  • Stars for the taking: Gather sparkling stars scattered throughout the levels, boosting your score and rewarding your exploration.
  • Monstrous mayhem: Jump on the heads of mischievous enemies to neutralize them, but beware their spiky friends!

Unleash your inner adventurer:

  • Double jump and explore: Utilize the double jump ability to reach soaring platforms and access hidden areas.
  • Secrets unveiled: Watch closely! Many bonus stars and keys appear when you jump on specific locations, revealing hidden blocks below.
  • Jump, don't touch: Be mindful of sharp spikes scattered throughout the levels, a single contact spells instant defeat.


Tips for a triumphant journey:

  • Be observant: Scan the environment for hidden blocks and consider which jumps reveal them.
  • Master monster mastery: Utilize jump timing and precision to vanquish enemies on their heads, avoiding spiky hazards.
  • Double jump mastery: Combine jumps strategically to access hidden areas and bonus collectibles.
  • Patience is key: Take your time, plan your movements, and avoid rushing into danger.
  • Practice makes perfect: Each attempt hones your skills, helping you memorize layouts and strategize effectively.


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