Battleship War

Command Your Fleet, Unleash Strategic Salvos, and Secure Naval Supremacy!

Prepare for battle in Battleship War, a captivating HTML5 strategy game where you command your fleet, outwit your opponent, and dominate the high seas! Master two distinct game modes, deploy your ships tactically, and unleash devastating salvos to achieve glorious victory!

Embark on your naval odyssey:

  • Classic Clash: Engage in the timeless game of Battleship, utilizing deduction and logic to pinpoint enemy ship locations and sink them before they do the same to you.
  • Advanced Arsenal: Delve into strategic depth with the Advanced mode, collecting points to unlock powerful abilities like airstrikes and sonar scans, turning the tide of battle in your favor.
  • Deploy with cunning: Strategically position your ships across the grid, minimizing the risk of concentrated enemy attacks and maximizing your firepower potential.
  • Gather intel wisely: Utilize reconnaissance shots to uncover the enemy's hidden fleet, gaining a crucial advantage in predicting their movements and targeting their vulnerabilities.
  • Adapt and overcome: Analyze the size and type of enemy ships you encounter, adjusting your tactics to exploit their weaknesses and secure strategic victories.
  • Precision is key: Aim your cannons with pinpoint accuracy, focusing on critical areas to inflict maximum damage and cripple enemy vessels.


Become a naval mastermind with these battle-tested strategies:

  • Spread the risk: Evenly distribute your ships across the grid, making it harder for your opponent to land multiple hits in a single attack.
  • Think like your enemy: Consider your opponent's potential strategies and ship placements, predicting their moves and anticipating their tactics.
  • Prioritize larger ships: Focus on eliminating large enemy ships first, as they pose the greatest threat to your fleet and overall firepower.
  • Use reconnaissance wisely: Strategically employ recon shots to reveal key enemy ship locations, enabling you to plan targeted attacks and maximize their impact.
  • Adapt to the Advanced mode: Experiment with different ability combinations in the Advanced mode, discovering optimal strategies to overwhelm your opponent.
  • Learn from each battle: Analyze your victories and defeats, refining your tactical thinking and ship placement skills for future encounters.


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